Marker Illustrations Now Available as Note Cards and Prints

The illustrations from the first round of the historic markers are now available in the form of sets of notecards with two of each illustration (a total of 10 cards) with envelopes. The price for the set, encased in a plastic sleeve, is $15.00 per set and can be ordered by contacting HistWick board member Jenny Bourgeois at The cards are beautiful.
HistWick has also produced a set of 50 signed and numbered 16” by 20” giclee prints of the Main Street marker illustration by artist Harley Bartlett. Proceeds from the sale of these prints will be divided between HistWick and the artist who produced the artwork. We expect that this will be the first in a series of prints of the illustrations from the other four original markers that HistWick will produce annually over the next four years. You can obtain the signed prints from the first illustration by contacting Jenny Bourgeois at
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