Tour Directions [UNDER CONSTRUCTION – CLICK ON “empty” boxes to see Information on next stop]

Take a stroll around Wickford and visit key historical houses and buildings as well as 5 special Historic markers which explain various aspects of our history.

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  1. Start at the corner of Brown Street and Phillips Street (Route 1a) – near the Hussey Bridge.
  2. Walk down Brown Street heading north to Main Street. (Stops 1-4)
  3. Stop at Updike Park and see the Historic Marker (Stop 5) which describes tells you about the special historic markers which have been placed around the village and are included in this tour.  Historic markers are at Stops 6, 7, 11, 18, and 19).
  4. Turn left and wall up West Main Street until you see the first historic marker overlooking Academy Cove. (Stop 6).
  5. Cross West Main Street and find the path to the Bush Hill historic marker behind the Kitchen Factory Outlet.  Follow the trail (Stop 7).
  6. Returning to West Main, turn left and head to the main intersection in Wickford, noting the three historic buildings (Stops 8-10)
  7. Continue down Main Street and follow this almost to the end. (Stops 11-17)
  8. Make a short detour right onto Bay Street (Stop 18)
  9. Return to Main Street and follow it to the end (Stop 19)
  10. Go back up Main Street one block, turning right onto Pleasant Street (Stops 20-22)
  11. Turn left on Friend Street and left again onto Fowler Street (Stop 23)
  12. Make right onto Church Street and follow it back to Main Street.  (Stops 24-25)

We hope you enjoyed your visit. 

Special thanks to Tim Cranston, our local historian!  For more information about our historic town, visit his website.

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