HistWick supports project for The Town Hall Annex and other news

January 25, 2018
NEW BOARD MEMBER HistWick’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Cynthia Waxman has joined the Board.
     The Town Council has accepted an offer to purchase the empty building from a group whose “plan would be to keep the integrity of the original building, both on the exterior and interior,…..”.  Council President Richard Welch has stated that the council “will make certain that the property is protected ad infinitum.” see story 
     Based on those representations, the Board has written to the Council that it endorses the proposal as keeping within the style and tone, and potentially enhancing the vitality of our historic village.
     A town-wide election will be required to approve a sale.
Last November the Planning Department held a pair of well-advertised public workshops to obtain community input regarding the creation of guidelines for Brown and Phillips Streets. Straw polls conducted at the end of each session showed strong support for creating such guidelines and placing Brown Street under HDC protection to preserve the historic character of our village while allowing for economic growth.
At its meeting of December 4, the Wickford Design Guidelines Steering Committee, appointed by the town, voted by a margin of 6 to 1 to instruct the project consultant to develop a set of guidelines to be administered within the structure of the existing Historic District Commission. The Board of HistWick supports that vote. 
first draft of the proposed guidelines has been posted on the town website.
The next meeting of the Steering Committee will be held on January 30 at 6:30 pm in the town offices on Fairway Drive. agenda
Since opportunity for public comment during the meeting may be limited, you are encouraged to convey your comments beforehand to any of the Steering Committee members listed on the agenda.
Larry Ehrhardt
On behalf of the HistWick Board of Directors
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