About Our Website

HistWick’s new web site is provides members with easy access to updated information and guests with interesting detail about Wickford Village and the work of HistWick.

For easy navigation, we have a standard menu bar at the top and bottom of each page and tailored menus on the right side.

The standard menu at the top of each page directs you to five “main” sections:

  •  News & Events – This is where you see Upcoming Events.  You may want to set this page as your bookmark.  There will be a featured story which will change as we announce new programs or provide updates on what is going on.
  • Walking Tour – We’ve updated the walking tour from the old website.  We’ve added stops and have  provided a pdf version which is easily printed so you and your friends can take it with you as you tour the Vilage.  Coming soon is a “Tour Scavenger Hunt” designed for children who may accompany you.
  • Membership – Here’s where you can pay your annual dues and get information on your Board of Directors.  You can also check out the Home of The Quarter which is described below.
  • Historic Home Ownership – This will eventually contain information on what it means to own an Historic Home, tips on restoration and maintenance, and tax abatement information.  For now it provides a link to North Kingstown’s town website which has a lot of helpful information.
  • Resources – We provide handy links to Historic/Preservation Organization Websites as well as other links of interest such as the Historic District Commission, the village website maintained by the merchants, and, of course, the website maintained by our Town Historian Tim Cranston.

The menu at the bottom of each page provides information on Upcoming Board Meetings and an archive of our Newsletters going back to October 2008.

You will also want to check out the Home of the Quarter feature.  This is accessible from the Welcome/Home Page as well as the Membership Page.  If you click on the current home, you will be able to see the homes that were previously featured.  We are grateful to Tim Cranston for providing the information on these homes.  We feature his books in several places with links to Amazon so they can be ordered easily.

We hope you like our new website and that you will check it frequently.  If you have comments or suggestions please let us know.  You can email your thoughts by clicking on the Comment  feature which is available at the very top of each page as well as in the bottom menu.

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