Historic Wickford village is a special place, worthy of a visit, and well deserving of ongoing efforts to protect its historic character.

Historic Wickford Inc. (HistWick) is a nonprofit organization established to preserve, protect and celebrate the cultural and historic features of Wickford and its environs. HistWick strives to enhance the beauty of our village, preserve its architectural integrity, protect its harbor and the surrounding bay and improve the quality of life for all who live in or visit the village.

Activities during the year include community pot-luck meals, garden and kitchen tours, walking tours with information on the many historic buildings and educational programs on the renovation and the history of Wickford. In addition, Historic Wickford collaborates with numerous community organizations to support activities and special events that celebrate and improve the quality of life in the Village.

Come to Wickford and join us in the discovery of our historic homes and public buildings. Learn about our rich maritime past and beautiful harbor and experience what makes Wickford so special.

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